Where to Find the Perfect Beach Vacation in Europe at Affordable Prices

We all think of how luxurious European beach destinations are. You think about the famous movie stars lying on the beach with an umbrella over the head and a drink in their hands overlooking the majestic Mediterranean Sea. Who wouldn’t want that kind of lifestyle?

Well, if you are going to the more popular beach vacations in Europe, you may not have to make movie star money to spend a vacation there but you definitely have to have a hefty back account. The costs involved with going to the most luxurious beach spots in Europe is quite robust. Hot spots such as south of Spain, French Riviera, the Amalfi Coast in Italy, The Greek Islands, and many other destinations require some serious financial padding to enjoy.

So what does one do if you have your heart set on seeing the beautiful beaches of Europe but don’t have 6 figure jobs? Simple! Just start looking in other places in Europe. That really is the beauty of the continent. Every country has their own unique charm, history, and sights.

For starters look at Eastern Europe. The best beaches in Menorca many beautiful countries in Eastern Europe than they are in the west. But the big difference is how much cheaper the costs are on the Eastern side. Anybody who has been to Prague can attest to that fact. It’s just as beautiful and lively as Paris but any Joe Schmo could afford to go there.

For beach vacations, take a look at the island of Dubrovnik in Croatia. It is practically the spitting image of the coast of Italy. Beautiful architecture, rocky terrain, and some of the most stunning beaches you’ll ever see. Unfortunately many people are finally starting to catch on to this fact, that’s why tourism has increased by leaps and bounds over the last 5 years to Dubrovnik. That’s the way it always is. When a couple people find paradise, you can bet flights will be more expensive to get there. Although, it is still relatively cheap to vacation in Dubrovnik, especially compared to its Western counterparts, a couple of years from now, that probably won’t be the case. So its best to strike while the iron is hot and see this heavenly island before it becomes the “it” place to go.

Another beautiful island in Europe to visit is Malta. For whatever the reason, (and thank our lucky stars) Malta has never really took off as far as a major European tourist stop. Due to that, spending a vacation there is quite affordable. If you want to a big, party atmosphere then you might want to look someplace else as Malta is very low key. It has kind of a small town atmosphere. But most importantly it has stunning Mediterranean beaches. It really is the perfect place just to crash for a week and let the stress drip away from your body.


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