The Easy Way to Wash Cars at a Carwash is to Hire Illegal Aliens

We are probably all aware at this point in our lives that many illegal aliens work at carwashes and even with the pretend crack down on illegal immigration and the outrage of citizens in the United States of America it is obvious that nothing has changed at the carwashes, they are still hiring illegal aliens.

This has been going on for decades and having been in the carwash industry myself, I was always completely appalled by these Carwash subscription violations our competition was committing against our immigration laws. You see in my travels I have also visited over 3000 coin-op car washes, 700 full service car washes, 3800 roll-over car washes, and even had my Corporate Command Center washed at over 100 different truck washes. Personally I have viewed the units of over 1000 plus mobile washing units and visited every other major manufacturer of washing equipment. I can tell you although my competition in the mobile carwash business generally did not hire illegal aliens, some where illegal aliens themselves.

And the fixed site carwash owners, well let’s just say most of them used illegal alien labor. And as far as “used” it was really closer to “Exploited” as they willfully and knowingly and continuously broke our immigration laws.

We can stop this abuse, you need to call your local Border Patrol Office and/or INS office and demand that they get their butts down and raid the local car wash and not on a slow Monday either. On a Friday or Saturday as 20-30 illegal aliens are there working taking jobs that local college students would love to have. Consider this in 2006.


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