The Car Transporter Trailer

If you are relocating to another part of the country that you live in you may find yourself in the position of having to transport your car, rather than driving it. Maybe you are a 2 car family or perhaps you have an old classic car in the garage that you are working on which does not yet drive. In all cases you have one common problem and that is how to move your car. Car transporter trailers will provide an answer for you as will several other options such as hiring a company to move the car for you. However, by far the most economical way of moving you car is to do itself using a car transporter trailer.

If you have never driven using a trailer before, do not let this put you off. Yes, getting used to having a trailer behind you will take a little time, but once mastered you will drive as if you are just in a “one piece” vehicle. However it is a good idea to obtain as much information as you can about driving with a trailer and asking for advice from a professional will give you some very useful driving tips. You need to be aware that the trailer will have a tendency to dissipate from side to side due to aerodynamic forces such as side winds or from a passing vehicle. This can be alarming if you have never experienced it before. But providing you load the trailer correctly and have the centre of mass correctly positioned then this dissipation will be minimized.

A couple of accessories are necessary when using a car transporter trailer and these are a trailer lighting board and a trailer mirror. If your trailer is not fitted with the correct lighting then you could find yourself coming in to conflict with traffic regulations. So buying a trailer board with 4 function lighting tesla side mirror makes sense A 4 foot trailer lighting board is ideal and very easy to mount, usually coming with adequate metres of cable. As well as the indicators, side lights and brake lights these boards will also have red reflective triangles to make you more visible. So all you need do is fit it to your car transport trailer, attach a number plate and you are ready for the off.

When driving with a loaded car transporter trailer you rear vision will definitely be impaired. So for safety reasons, as well as legal reasons, you need to have additional mirrors to deal with this problem and provide adequate vision. Something like the clip on car mirror is ideal. These are handy clip on versions of side mirrors that will fit most standard exterior car mirrors. You can fix it to either the left or right hand side mirrors in just a matter of a few seconds. They have a flat glass mirror and are extremely simple to adjust to your sitting position. So once you have the additional lighting board, extra mirrors and have mastered driving with a car transporter trailer, moving a car will never be a problem for you in the future.



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