Greek Food For Beginners

Greek food is all about to enjoy the simple things in life the sea, sun and fresh air. They also like to eat well and after centuries of cooking they have developed amazing delicious tastes, that are unique. The main ingredients are olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of fresh herbs. All that is well complimented by wine. What people are really talking about is the Greek food based on using large quantities of olive oil, fresh vegetables, fish and the unstinting consumption of wine.

For modern western diets that sounds like a pretty good life. The Greek food is a product ot the country’s landscape:mountains, hillsides, lowlands and the sea. From this land comes diet rich in olive oil, tomatoes, fresh herbs and lots of fish. You will be amazed to know that the first cook book was written for the ancient Athenians, where mealtimes were pleasurable affairs where Greek food the spirit as well as the body was nourished. They have continued this mealtime philosophy of relaxation and enjoyment amongst family and friends. The Greek food cures of heart disease and lengthens your live.

Greek food is something that is not just about the diet or the weather. Having said that the weather with mild short winters and long hot summers is very attractive. This weather is fully enjoyed by the people while sitting and talking in the sunshine, while sipping coffee or having a meal. This long gatherings around the table lead to long philosophical conversations about life. There is a superstition in Greece that a guest could be a god in disguise. The Greeks will therefore extend their hospitality to strangers, which will give the guest unforgettable experience.


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