Advance Wedding Hair Salon Consultations

The only way to know for sure if the style you want your hair to be in on the day of your wedding is going to look as good as you envision it is to have your hair done in that style prior to the wedding so that you can see it. You know that some people can style their hair in a certain way and it will look wonderful all day and into the night. Another person might go and have the same thing done to their hair and the style only looks good on them until they make it back to their car. An advance wedding hair salon consultation will allow you to discover how your hair is going to react to the style you want.

You want to make an appointment for your advance Bridal hair Northern Ireland salon consultation at least thirty days before the ceremony. This will give you enough time in advance of the big event to make any changes that you have to make in order to get your hair to accommodate the style you have envisioned.

At the advance wedding hair salon consultation you need to make certain that the stylist who will be doing your hair for you understands exactly what you want. The stylist and you will look through books for the style that you like the most. The stylist will be able to look at your hair and tell you if the style you want is possible with the hair you have. That sounds rather mean, but thin wispy hair cannot be styled in the same way that thicker hair can. You do not want to wait until the day before the wedding to discover that the style you want simply cannot be achieved with the locks you have.

An advance wedding hair salon consultation is especially necessary when you are going to have the stylist come to the chapel to fix your hair immediately prior to the ceremony. The stylist needs to know what type of hair you have, what style you want, and what your hair normally responds to. This will allow them to bring the appropriate tools and styling products with them to get the look you want to stay in place for the length of time you need it to. You do not want your stylist to be caught off guard on the day of your ceremony.

If you also plan for the stylist to work on the hair of your bridal party then each person that is going to have their hair styled on that day needs to attend the consultation. The stylist will need to see each person and judge what tools and product they will need to work with each persons hair on the day. Most brides have all of their bridesmaids wear matching dresses and they often want them to have similar hairstyles for the big day. The stylist will need to see all of the bridesmaids so they can recommend styles that will work in all of their hair.




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